Andrew Roger’s Rhythms of Life and Art – Chyulu Hills

In 2010, Artist Andrew Rogers came to CYK  in a unique moment in time, where he and 1270 Maasai – the largest ever gathering of Maasai for a community undertaking – created three major stone geoglyphs near the Chyulu Hills in Kenya.  “The Chyulu Hills in Kenya is south east of Nairobi. A unique site […]

I bet you didn’t know! – Kenya is an amazing biodiversity spot!

Life thrives in the tropics. Think of how many species live at the equator and how many at the poles… Kenya is therefore teeming with life. Some comparisons: Let’s say with England and Kenya, in a game of species. Kenya beats England with appalling scores! Trees? Kenya: 4.5, England 0, meaning Kenya has 4.5 times […]

I bet you didn’t know! – Kenya’s mammals fun facts

The naked mole-rat is ectothermic! What does that mean? That is more reptile-like than mammal-like, meaning the source of heat is not internal, like for all other mammals, but gained from the surrounding environment (hence no hair). This species has another peculiarity, it has the highest number of offspring (28!) Question: can a mammal be […]

I bet you didn’t know! – Flower pot snake: the Queen of being single!

There is one single snake species found in Kenya and also outside of Africa. It is the Flowerpot Snake, Ramphotyphlops braminus. This lady has no room for gentlemen. She, and all the ladies of her species, have no mate. They are parthenogenic, meaning only females exist and give birth to other females, without fertilization. This […]

Kenya Safari – What to Wear!

Packing for a safari can feel a little daunting, you’ll hear about all kinds of restrictions, like luggage limits, and it has to be soft-shelled (no frames or rigid structures). And though your tour operator will send you packing tips after you book, here are a few tips we think will be essential to making sure you’re […]

Best time to go on Safari in Kenya

Kenya Safari in January This is a beautiful month to come and visit our Kenya safari lodge, as the landscape gets coated with a luscious shade of green from plenty of rain. There are plenty of wildlife gathering throughout the savannah to water-holes depending on how the October / November rains held up. This time […]

An Evening with the Maasai…

We wanted to share with you some beautiful photos of a fabulous evening earlier this week! Campi ya Kanzi was created for the purpose of showing to the Maasai community that wilderness with thriving wildlife is an economic asset which pays economic dividends to the community. Well it is likely that in a couple of […]

Living in the Bush: Thoughts by Essie

I have been living in the bush for nearly 4 years now and my life here at Campi ya Kanzi has been anything but “ordinary.” I love living here and wanted to take you into the typical day of thoughts I’ve had recently. Taking stock of the things that I’ve noticed and enjoy while living […]

Zebra steaks to protect wildlife and benefit indigenous communities?

Lately Kenyan conservationists have been expressing views on utilization of wildlife. Here are some personal views, based on factual experiences and expressed as objectively as one can subjectively be! I used to be 100 percent for consumptive use of wildlife and now I am 100% against. The reality of wildlife conservation in Kenya changed my […]