Why should conservation be of any concern or interest to you?
After all, a safari is a holiday and you want to have a peaceful moment of distraction and relaxation, when away from work and home…

Conservation should be of your concern for a simple reason: if you want the African wilderness to survive and be there for your next safari, and certainly for the safari your children will want to enjoy, you better think about it. And do something about it.

Chose us for your safari and you will protect African wilderness, wildlife, and the Maasai culture.

The lodge’s founding principle is to prove to the Maasai landlords that wilderness with thriving wildlife is worth protecting because it pays economic dividends.

Tourism is a means to an end: making sure that the Maasai wilderness, cultural, and wildlife heritage are protected, for generations to come.

A stay at Campi ya Kanzi translates into a $125 conservation fee for the benefit Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. Campi ya Kanzi is owned by the Trust, and all the lodges proceeds are invested in conservation.

The conservation fees are earmarked for Wildlife Pays, a compensation program where all losses caused by wildlife to the Maasai livestock are reimbursed to the community if predators are not killed.

As a result, this is one of the few places in Africa where the lion population is not only thriving but increasing significantly.

MWCT has been successful in securing Payment for Ecosystem Services that enable it to employ over 400 Kenyans, offering education, health, and conservation services to the Maasai community.

The Trust funds:

  • Wildlife Pays: livestock killed by predators is compensated to the Maasai landlords, through the conservation fee charged to Chyulu Wilderness Camp;
  • The employment of game scouts to make sure there is no poaching, no water diversion, no bush fires, and no illegal cutting of woods;
  • The employment of teachers, to provide education in 25 local primary schools;
  • Paying school bursaries, both at high school and university levels;
  • The employment of a doctor and several nurses, to assist the local community of 18,000 Maasai in 4 local dispensaries and in 1 clinic.

Climate Change: the Trust initiated, with Conservation International, the Chyulu REDD+ Carbon Project, and it runs its project office. Your stay at Campi ya Kanzi is carbon neutral.

The Chyulu REDD+ Carbon Project has avoided 2,000,000 tons of CO2 emissions since its inception!

We are proud to say that we have achieved meaningful results in protecting both the wilderness and the wildlife, working hand–in–hand with the Maasai tribe.

This is truly cutting-edge conservation and you can be part of it by simply coming on safari with us. Campi ya Kanzi and Chyulu Club are both 100% solar (for both electricity and hot water) and carbon neutral.


Maasai people Maasai (not Masai or Massai) is the correct spelling of this noble tribe: it means people speaking maa. Masai was the incorrect spelling of the British settlers and has remained in current use. Kenya recognizes over forty tribes of native people. The Maasai were the dominating tribe at beginning of the 20th century. […] Icon Arrow Icon Find out more

The Trust

The Trust The Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust  (MWCT) works to protect the legendary ecosystems and astounding biodiversity of East Africa through conservation that directly benefits local Maasai communities. Founded in 2,000 by Luca and Antonella, the Trust is now chaired by UNEP Champion of the Earth, Samson Parashina, and its President is UN Goodwill Ambassador […] Icon Arrow Icon Find out more


Environment   The human population in Kenya has increased tremendously in the last century, from just less than 1,300,000 in 1900 to nearly 44,000,000 in 2013, contributing to increasing in poverty and malnutrition. This unsustainable growth has put tremendous pressure on both the wilderness and wildlife. Maasailand is, traditionally, land where human beings and wildlife […] Icon Arrow Icon Find out more


Sustainability We believe true ecotourism should be based on the use of the best available technologies to have the lowest impact on the environment. That is what is guiding us in the day-to-day running of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. We built everything by employing local Maasai women and men, and teaching them how to […] Icon Arrow Icon Find out more


Beliefs We believe in having a self-conduct code. We believe true ecotourism needs to address each of the following points. Real involvement of local communities Conservation in the 21st century should consider people, so the first point for ecotourism should be how a tourist facility relates to the local communities. We believe in community lodges […] Icon Arrow Icon Find out more


Before closing, Campi ya Kanzi received the following awards: Campi ya Kanzi is a pioneer of sustainable and socially responsible tourism in Kenya. We are proud to have received the following awards and certifications found below. Since 2004 Gold Eco-Rated by Ecotourism Kenya. Ecotourism Kenya recognized Campi ya Kanzi as a leader of ecotourism in […] Icon Arrow Icon Find out more