Living in the Bush: Thoughts by Essie

I have been living in the bush for nearly 4 years now and my life here at Campi ya Kanzi has been anything but “ordinary.” I love living here and wanted to take you into the typical day of thoughts I’ve had recently. Taking stock of the things that I’ve noticed and enjoy while living here… so here it goes:

  • Making:  Avocado Mousse. Since living here, I’ve been able to taste some dishes I’ve never made before. For instance, Avocado mousse! It’s pretty simple. Just blend
    avocados, cream and a little bit of beef cube dissolved in water all together.
    Spoon the mixture into small glasses and refrigerate for at least an hour. You
    can have this as a starter. It’s delicious!
  • Cooking: Chapati. I love chapati. This is one of the delicacies
    that we serve at our main hub, Tembo House during African dinner night. It’s lovely to eat with curries and lentils. One of my favourites!
  • Drinking: Water. This may sound cliché but it’s pretty important to stay
    hydrated while on Safari. We give our guests water flasks to take with them during their stay here, which they can keep for other adventures as well.


  • Wanting: To take a nap every single afternoon. You can always enjoy an easy
    afternoon in your tent verandah soaking in the beautiful views and the serenity of the savannah.


  • Wishing: I could have the willpower to start doing morning jogs again. If you’d
    like to take one during your stay at camp, let your guide know, and please take me with you 🙂 It’s a beautiful way to experience the landscape and get a great work out in!


  • Enjoying: The Chyulu hikes. They are a favorite with our guests! The view up
    there is quite magical. Bring your hiking boots, a sense adventure and be ready
    to explore and have some fun!


  • Loving: This excerpt…”We gaze at each other for at least a
    minute, he then gently walks off the road and disappears in the high grass. I
    see him three more times, while he keeps walking away, only twice looking back
    at me, appearing totally undisturbed and peaceful…” Wondering what is being
    talked about here? There is so much more on this blog post that you will
    absolutely love. You can read more of it her
  • Considering: Starting a book exchange club at camp, where guests can trade in
    the books they have already read with other guests. Actually, just bring a good
    book and trade it with someone you meet here during your stay 🙂


  • Watching: The sun set. Sundowners are particularly calming,
    and beautiful ways to end your day after a safari as you sip on your favorite drink.


  • Marvelling: At the success story of the grass seed bank
    project by our ecotourism partner, Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. This
    pictures show the before and after results of the land rehabilitation.


  • Wearing: Layers. The weather has been a little bit on the cooler
    side, it usually is around this time of the year. It would be best to pack some
    warm clothes too when coming for your Safari.


  • Following: Campi ya Kanzi Instagram
    and Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust Instagram. There are great images on both accounts you wouldn’t want to miss!


  • Feeding: Peanut butter to the kudu. He is just the cutest resident we have. Although it is quite rare these days to see him as he’s busy with his Impala friends, only visiting a few times a month.


  • Buying: Maasai beaded jewellery. No better way to adorn
    yourself than in the beautifully beaded pieces. You can get them from our Campi ya Kanzi shop, Maasai Chic, and also during your visit to the Maasai
    village. Be sure to carry some loose change for the purchases; you wouldn’t
    want to regret having to leave some of these pieces behind.


  • Bookmarking: This.
    Find out more about how you can pack for a purpose while coming to Campi ya
  • Feeling: Nostalgic about my trip to Mzima springs in Tsavo. It is such a delightful spot. This is one extra activity that you would want to indulge in when you come to visit us!
  • Snacking: On cheese and crackers. This can be a little
    filling, so moderation is key (but who’s really counting, go for it! I’ll join you) You will most certainly find a plate of mixed
    cheese, crackers and grapes on the table during some of your lunch meals at
    Tembo House and at sundowners atop our lookout spots.


  • Hearing: Lions roar at night. It used to be scary for me in the beginning, but now I find it more exciting
    than ever. Don’t be scared if you happen to hear them roar during your stay 🙂


Written by Essie Kirai