An Evening with the Maasai…

We wanted to share with you some beautiful photos of a fabulous evening earlier this week!
Campi ya Kanzi was created for the purpose of showing to the Maasai community that wilderness with thriving wildlife is an economic asset which pays economic dividends to the community.
Well it is likely that in a couple of decades Africa will still have some wildlife experiences to offer, but it is quite unlikely that there will be chances of a real tribal experience.
Campi ya Kanzi is proud to offer not only an incredibly luxurious, relaxing, and exclusive experience, but also to allow our visitors to be incredibly immersed in a still very authentic, rich, and grassroots Maasai community.
Earlier this week we set out with our guests on a short walk from camp, enjoyed some traditional roasted goat meat, joined in on some Maasai dancing around a safari fire, and dined beneath the surface of the Earth in a cave… No better way to spend an evening! Enjoy the photos..



Roasting goat over the fire!
And the dancing begins!
The newly appointed warrior chief takes his turn at jumping!
Everybody joining in!
Must always remember to take in the views from all angles!
Guests joining the Maasai women in a dance!