Our Story

Our Story in Campi Ya Kanzi

It really began in the 60’s, when a 4 year old Luca wanted to impress his dad and slept all alone in a tent in the family Italian vineyards. He wanted to prove he could go on safari!

Luca came to Kuku Group Ranch, the Maasai 283,000 acres reservation where Campi ya Kanzi is, in 1975 when he was just 11 years old.

20 years later he came back with his then girlfriend;  now wife, Antonella.

Together they engaged the local Maasai landlords and formed a unique partnership, creating the community owned lodge Campi ya Kanzi.

More than 20 years and 3 kids (Lucrezia, born 2002, Jacopo born 2007 and Lorenzo, born 2009) later, this is their home and they share it with Campi ya Kanzi guests. Together with amazing Maasai who with them built the lodge, like Parashi, Matasha, Samson, Pashiet, Lengou… and host the guests with Luca and Antonella.

As Campi ya Kanzi is a partnership with the local community, by choosing it for your African safari, you will not only enjoy a unique and pristine wilderness and amazing wildlife, but you’ll actively protect them and help the Maasai community.

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