Live Cam

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust Live Cam

Campi ya Kanzi guest, renown Australian artist Andrew Rogers, created these amazing sculptures in 2010, with the help of 1,300 local Maasai. You can see a shield, a lion footprint and, on the far left, his signature, the Rhythm of Life!

Campi ya Kanzi Live Cam

View of Kilimanjaro and Kuku plains from Campi ya Kanzi suites. At the center is our wildlife waterhole, where 100% of Campi ya Kanzi used water is purified and recycled!

Chyulu Cam

View of Northern end of the Chyulu Hills from the hill next to Campi ya Kanzi airstrip, this is the heart of Kanzi conservancy!

Chyulu Wilderness Camp

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Chyulu Wilderness Camp (Iltalal) airstrip

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