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If your concept of luxury safari is based on plunge pools, spas, fancy lighting, marble in the bathrooms, WIFI in the wilderness and the associated unsustainable uses of generators and of water (the scarcest resource in Africa), Campi ya Kanzi is NOT the product for you.

We believe in a different type of luxury: a gin and tonic on a lookout hill in front of Kilimanjaro, with your Maasai tracker, in 283,000 acres of wilderness all for yourself (no other lodges within our Maasai reserve).

Download an example itinerary of a 5 Day Safari at Campi ya Kanzi!

We believe in being 100% solar (since our inception), we believe in cropping all of our water from the rains, without tapping into community wells or springs. We believe in being carbon neutral, by offsetting ALL of our carbon emissions, in favor of the Chyulu Hills REDD+ Carbon Project, run by Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

We trust that a safari experienced at Campi ya Kanzi will be one of the most precious memories you will treasure for years to come: walking with a Maasai guide in his land, tracking wildlife, trekking the cloud forest of the Chyulu Hills, the green hills of Africa of Ernest Hemingway, while being profoundly and authentically connected with the Maasai landlords who, with us, are the hosts.

A life changing experience, a journey of the souls. This is the appropriate luxury that we offer.

This is truly the most iconic safari land: Kilimanjaro dominates the view; elephants and lions roam free in true wilderness; giraffes and zebras cover the plains, and Maasai warriors contemplate.

Safari is quite a charming word. It is exotic and iconic at the same time. Safari means “voyage” or “expedition” in Kiswahili. With us your luxury safari will translate into a unique authentic experience: you will discover a vanishing Africa, explore an incredible wilderness, see amazing wildlife, while being deeply immerse in a fascinating culture and contributing to preserving it.

Campi ya Kanzi is a luxury eco lodge, the most awarded in East Africa and the first to be Gold rated by Ecotourism Kenya.

We will tailor-make your luxury safari to meet your needs. All will depend on your desires, the time of the year (game moves within the reserve and certain itineraries are better in certain time of the year) and the length of your stay. Let us know what your wishes and available days are and we will make your dream safari come true.

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