I bet you didn’t know! – Kenya is an amazing biodiversity spot!

Life thrives in the tropics.
Think of how many species live at the equator and how many at the poles…
Kenya is therefore teeming with life.

Some comparisons: Let’s say with England and Kenya, in a game of species. Kenya beats England with appalling scores!

Kenya: 4.5, England 0, meaning Kenya has 4.5 times more tree species (6,800, 740 endemic – meaning native) than England (1,500, with just a handful of native).

Another landslide victory! Kenya 400, England 56!


Kenya 1,100, England 600

Von der Decken’s Hornbill

Lilac Breasted Roller

Woodchat Shrike
Golden Breasted Bunting

Some African comparisons?
Kenya is again the richest country.
For example we have the highest number of antelopes, 37 species, more than any other African Country.

Coke’s Hartebeest


Grants Gazelle

Thomsons Gazelle



Beisa Oryx

Common Waterbuck

Kirk’s DikDik

Campi ya Kanzi lays in a biodiversity hotspots, where we have more than 60 large mammals (more than the whole mammals species of England!). In a day our record sighting has been 33 mammals species and 93 birds species.There aren’t many places in Africa where you can enjoy such incredible diversity.