A morning in Paradise

Well, in this post I have very little “information” to communicate. I simply would like to tell you a brief story, and let you evade for few minutes, from your working reality. Come in Paradise with me, for just a moment… The other day was truly a day in Paradise. I woke up early, a […]

Few things I bet you did not know about Kilimanjaro…

I have been living at the foothills of Kilimanjaro for the more than two decades now… This morning, while looking at the beautiful peaks of Mawenzi and Uhuru, I thought that a lot of guests, who come visiting here, never have the chance to have in depth information about the highest mountain of Africa. So […]

Lion with bad manners

It’s a normal morning. Starlings are chatting outside. I am unusually late getting out of bed. Just some minutes past 7:00. And then I hear him. It is a sound that you feel inside, more than hearing. It reverberates in you. Is it an ancestral memory of my African hunter gatherer genes? Not sure. But […]

A safari experience to reflect on the Universe…

A couple of months ago we were profoundly inspired by a lovely family who came on a special safari with us. Special because they are on a sabbatical with their two young children. Yes, a sabbatical year, invested in traveling the World, as an opportunity to better educate their kids. Truly inspiring. The young boy […]

Why burning valuable ivory?

I have been thinking about this topic for weeks… My daughter asked me the question the other day, puzzling me. I thought she knew better and I was appalled by my silly assumption and ignorance of her knowledge and perceptions. So here are my thoughts… I think I am decently qualified to talk about this […]

A Chyulu Monday morning…

Misty morning, low clouds, I have to fly to my “neighbor”, Richard Bonham, a 3 hours drive or 10 minutes flight away… Hornbills are up, the Guinea fowls are quite noisy already, even if it is not even 7 am… Richard and I have a meeting to talk about how to better deliver our conservation […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  Kili at night by Tunc Tezel This is no ordinary nursery rhyme but it kind of reminds me of it. I was catching up with a friend sometime back on Skype and one of the things he was telling me about was how he loved the view of the stars from Africa. He was […]

Trunk in Love

It was early in the morning when we took off from our airstrip and headed to Ithumba where the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) sits. There were four of us on board all eagerly excited to reach our destination. It was a short flight from Campi ya Kanzi, but I could not contain my excitement […]

We are back! Tsavo kids trip!

A family trip to Tsavo, 40 years later… December 1975… Me, my brother, my dad and my mom on my first safari! I am 11 and super excited. While driving from Tsavo to Amboseli I can’t help but staying up the roof of our car, with my dad constantly telling me… “get down…” We come […]

Cecil the Lion: Hatred and Hunting

Last month in Zimbabwe, a collared lion named Cecil was baited out of a National Park, wounded by bow and arrow, tracked for 40 hours, and eventually shot with a rifle.  The carcass was ultimately found – beheaded and skinned – from the signal of the satellite collar left behind.  A  miserable end for a […]