Fly Camping Safari

Fly Camping

Step back in time to the elegantly simple safaris of Ernest Hemingway and Denys Finch Hatton.  Back in the 1930s, before in-flight movies and infinity pools, explorers enjoyed a different kind of luxury: the serene splendor of unspoiled wilderness.  Fly camping at Campi ya Kanzi is a tribute to a bygone era, a blend of old Africa and modern comfort in a pristine, timeless landscape.  Imagine tracking elephants with a Maasai guide before cozying up to the fire with a glass of fine wine and a view of Mount Kilimanjaro.  Eat a three-course dinner under a sprawling shroud of stars.  Then retire to your tent with a kerosene lamp and a warm Maasai blanket.  You can even take a hot bucket shower to keep with tradition.  Who needs five stars when you can sleep under a billion?


You may be asking yourself, “What is a fly camp exactly?”  A fly camp is a simple, mobile camp in a remote area.  Fly camps were once used by hunters who needed to pack light and move quickly in order to follow game.  The fly of a tent is the top outer layer that shelters the structure from the elements.  If hunters were in a hurry, they could sleep under a fly without pitching a tent.

At Campi ya Kanzi, “fly camp” has a dual meaning because we also fly to the location.  Guests enjoy a short, scenic flight to and from the fly camp in our giraffe-spotted bush plane, soaring over green hills, lava forests, and herds of hartebeest and elephants.  Our fly camp is located in Motikanju Conservancy, a private nature reserve within Kuku Group Ranch that is dedicated to wildlife and free of human presence.

Campi ya Kanzi guests who would like to experience an authentic, old-fashioned safari in “Out of Africa” style can request to go fly camping as a special added activity.  This is offered as an extra for those who would like to try something new and spend a night away from the main lodge.  The rustic charm of the fly camp has captured many hearts and imaginations, and it is a beautiful place to make safari memories.

This safari activity needs to be pre booked well in advance of your stay.

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