New Camera Trap Photos – 4/12/12

A beautiful impala – perhaps he wanted a portrait photo?

November has brought much-needed rains to the wilderness of Campi ya Kanzi, making all the grass and trees wonderfully green and fresh.  It’s also brought a shift in the animals we see daily at our waterhole, there are now fewer zebras but a wider array of animals, including many gazelles and antelopes.

A lone, majestic lion visits late one evening to quench her thirst.

We’ve posted the newest camera trap photos from the second half of November in our Facebook album; see the photos here and many more at the link below.  And don’t forget to come visit and see the amazing wildlife for yourself – Campi ya Kanzi is the perfect place for a January or February getaway to experience the safari of a lifetime!

A giraffe enjoys an early-morning drink at the water hole.