A Unique and Magical Cave Experience…

Dining below the Earth’s surface in a cave lined with flaming torches, dimly lit lanterns, and local Maasai? Last night our guests here at Campi ya Kanzi had the opportunity to just that!
Our evening started off with an leisurely and scenic walk for approximately 40 minutes from Campi ya Kanzi through the plains of Kuku Group Ranch.
Stunning views as the sun sets behind Kilimanjaro as we walk through the plains

Campi ya Kanzi guides led us through the vast and beautiful plains, which are beckoning for the rains to come. The walk made for some excellent bird watching, viewing of fresh lion paw prints, and learning about the grazing practices of the Maasai in the area.

The group walks along, anticipating the destination!
Entering the cave just as the sun is setting
Located not far from the camp there is a very large underground cavern. Traditionally in the past, this was a location where the Maasai hid the livestock that they had raided and taken from the nearby Wakamba tribesmen – a tribe living on the other side of the Chyulu Hills. The cattle were left in the cave during the day, and were then let out at night for grazing. Now, no longer used for those purposes, it is truly an optimal location to host our guests here at Campi ya Kanzi, and to allow them to experience something very special…
The pathway in the “lava tube” lined with candles and lanterns

Please enjoy the photos we have provided below! It is not an easy venture to truly capture the essence of the warm and calming energy of the cave. The lighting from the laterns and the candles combined with the darkness of the cave contribute to a relaxing and spiritual inner and outer body experience. One that cannot simply be captured through an image.

We would love to share this experience with you – please visit us as www.maasai.com

The table is set and ready for our guests of the evening
A safari fire gives light to the stunning architecture of the cave
Our wonderful Maasai bartenders providing refreshments throughout the evening

Before dinner was served, guests were surprised by local Maasai men and women who entertained us with traditional forms of signing and dancing. Guests also joined in on the dancing!

Maasai performing cultural singing and dancing provided exciting entertainment for our guests!
Everybody joined in on the entertainment!
The evening was capped off with a delicious dinner by light of the laterns

After concluding our evening with great company and conversation at the dinner table and a warm cup of tea, guests loaded into our safari vehicles and made the short drive back to Campi ya Kanzi!