A morning in Paradise

Well, in this post I have very little “information” to communicate. I simply would like to
tell you a brief story, and let you evade for few minutes, from your working
in Paradise with me, for just a moment…
other day was truly a day in Paradise.
woke up early, a nice guest wanted to go horseback riding, and I was pleased to go with her.
walked to Tembo House and this is the view I had:
to the lodge there were zebras and few giraffes, with one really close,
standing there with a strange look, as if to say “And so what? Do you think you
are the only one who likes it here? ”…
majestic buffalo was drinking at the waterhole.
went riding toward the airstrip, where we wanted to gallop. We were joined by a
herd of zebras, who cantered along.
grass (we have been lucky with the rains, which have neglected the rest of the
Country) was making both me and my guest to be attentive. We were right… a huge
male lion was resting under a beautiful “Amarula” tree.
had breakfast under an enormous fig tree, with a superb view of Kilimanjaro,
which the unexpected rains of the other day covered with a nice blanket of snow.
the way back the resident family of buffalo was out; it almost felt as if  they were
greeting us.


Back home I enjoyed this moment with Kudu, who
is now pretty grown up.
just to reiterate we do live in Paradise, look who came visiting for a
breakfast drink the other day…
for reading 🙂