Is Campi ya Kanzi in a Malaria Area?

No, there is no risk of malaria here.  Luca and Antonella have three young children who are growing up malaria-free at Campi ya Kanzi.  If you plan to visit other areas of East Africa, please check with your doctor and travel agent for advice about antimalarial medications.

How Do I Get There?

It’s actually fairly easy. If you can get yourself to Nairobi, we’ll take care of the rest!  Our hostess will meet you at the International Airport in Nairobi and help you with your transfer to our camp. If you arrive late in the day, we’ll take you to your hotel in Nairobi. If you’re coming in early enough, we’ll make the transfer that same day.

Our recommendation is that you take our own air services. We operate commercially a 6-seat Cessna 206. It just takes one hour to fly from Nairobi to Campi ya Kanzi airstrip. We offer daily flights, 7 days a week, at the most convenient time for our guests. We’ll handle the transfer from Nairobi International to Wilson Airport.

The cost of the flight is $400 per person one way, with a minimum of 2 passengers.
We can also fly you from Mombasa or Malindi, just one hour and 10 minutes flight, for $450 per person one way, with a minimum of 2 passengers.

On all flights maximum total luggage allowed is 15 kg (35 pounds) per passenger, in soft duffle bags.

If you prefer to travel by road, we offer transportation from Nairobi to the camp in a 4WD vehicle (maximum four passengers). This costs $600 one way per vehicle, plus $75 per person for the Tsavo National Park entrance fee. The trip is about 200 miles, and takes approximately six hours. We suggest flying.

If you have any questions, please e-mail luca@maasai.com or bookings@maasai.com.

When is a Good Time to Come?

Any time of year is beautiful at Campi ya Kanzi!

Temperatures are very comfortable year-round, with daytime highs around 90sºF/35ºC.  Nighttime lows are around 50sºF/14ºC. The coolest month is July, with January and February being the warmest.  During the Short Rains of November, there may be brief showers several times per night.  During the Long Rains (April to mid-May), there will be nights with a lot of heavy showers.

During and after the rains, the landscape is particularly attractive.  At this time, everything is green and the elephant population is at its peak. Kilimanjaro will have snow peaks, all will be blossoming.

We therefore find April, May and November to be very pleasant months at Campi ya Kanzi. Depending on other destinations in your safari, you might need to consider a different season (for example: February for calving in the Serengeti, July/August and mid to late October for the Great Migration in the Maasai Mara, November-January for a great stay at the Coast).

What Should I Bring?

Download this PDF of our suggested packing list.  In general, dress at the camp is smart casual and comfortable.  The climate is temperate (see details above).  It is important that you bring soft luggage (duffel bags) with no armored cases or wheels.  The luggage allowance is strictly 33 pounds (15 kilograms) total per person.  Exceeding this limit cannot be solved by charging for extra weight.  If you are traveling by chartered airplane, you might be required to charter a larger plane at significant extra cost.  The nearest store is six hours away over dirt roads, so double-check what you’re bringing!

Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust

Download this PDF of our list of essential items you can bring to donate to the Maasai community.