Trunk in Love

It was early in the morning when we took off from our airstrip and
headed to Ithumba where the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) sits.
There were four of us on board all eagerly excited to reach our
destination. It was a short flight from Campi ya Kanzi, but I could not
contain my excitement inside. The anticipation of seeing baby Elephants
was rising within me and the only thing that could help me was to take a
nap during the flight, haha! Thankfully, I knock out very easily on
planes and so what was just a 20 minute flight, felt like 5 and before I
knew it shortly after my eyes closed, we were preparing to land.
Campi ya Kanzi guide, Matasha with our trustee Safari car
order to be able to visit the DSWT through Campi ya Kanzi, one has to
adopt an orphaned Elephant. The DWST has had a successful “Orphan’s
Project” for years that hand-raises abandoned baby Elephants and
reintegrates them back into the wild. We met the head keeper, Benjamin,
who was very enthusiastic in providing me with answers to all the
questions I had about raising the elephants and his time at the DSWT. It
was clear that there is immense passion and care that goes into the
work they provide.
We were very excited to be able to share this with
our guest, Chris (whom was long awaiting to meet his adopted Elephant
after spending 7 beautiful days at Campi ya Kanzi!)
Loving their milk!
Chris sitting up front on our way to their afternoon feeding
It was truly something else to see these massive creatures that are
only 4-6 years old coming towards you during feeding time. They all have
such individual faces, personalities and characteristics that make them
so enjoyable to watch as they splash in the water and play in the red
Myself and Vuria, love at first sight!

I was fortunate enough to create a connection with two babies during
my visit, Bomani and Vuria, both 4-5 years old. Bomani is very
easy-going and curious, he found a lot of fun in playing with my hair as
well. I didn’t mind the new hair-dos I acquired everytime he was done
with me! 🙂 Vuria was more quiet and kind, I instantly fell in love with
his demeanor. It’s a special and very indescribable feeling when you
have the attention of something as majestic as an Elephant, there’s a
level of trust that I felt from both of them that allowed me to spend
time just knelt down in their space and they let me stay there admiring
them. Our guest, Chris also felt a connection to an elephant that he
then later decided to adopt as well.. So wonderful!

I can’t wait to visit again 🙂
Michael, Myself and Chris making sure all is well and good with the bottles 😀
Bomani giving me some shade from the sun 🙂
Written by Patricia Cruz