The Rescued Lesser Kudu

Early last week the Conservation Team at the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust made a spectacular wildlife rescue down on the plains of Kuku Group Ranch. A young herder had made a report that he had discovered this abandoned lesser kudu amongst his herd of goats. The Conservation Team was called and and they went to collect the very young male and brought it back to the safety of the MWCT headquarters, the Chyulu Hills Conservation and Research Center.
The very young male was quite interested in the new visitors!
The team at CCRC has been faithfully raising and taking care of this very cute and very young lesser kudu – giving it plenty of milk three times a day, as well as a very safe place to sleep at night – out of the eye of any predators that may stop by.
Finding comfort in a “mother figure” of Lana, MWCT Conservation Manager
The Campi ya Kanzi family went to pay a visit to this new addition to the area – he was extraordinarily beautiful, with his distinctive stripes, soft coat, and evidence of little horns already coming through!
Getting stronger day by day!
Lorenzo, Jacopo, and Lucrezia enjoy their visit with the rescued lesser kudu!
We will be sure to report back on the progress of this little less kudu! Stay tuned!