The Naked Truth!

We Got NAKED to be on Your Wall!
The amazing, and crazy, girls of Campi ya Kanzi reveal themselves and the Naked Truth about Campi ya Kanzi to raise funds for a maternal clinic for the Maasai women of Kuku Group Ranch.
Well done Kanzi Kali Girls!



Place a calendar under many Christmas trees; this will help to build a clinic under the acacias of the Kilimanjaro plains.
By putting us on your wall, you will give a new maternal clinic to the Maasai.
The Kanzi Kali Girls will be smiling at you for a year, but the Maasai will be smiling for much longer!
Get your very own calendar right here:
With the Naked Truth calendar, we are aiming to raise $50 000 to build a maternal clinic which will serve the Maasai community.
A generous donor has contributed funds to fit the clinic with an advanced photovoltaic system which will provide for electricity needs. Now all we need are the remaining funds to build the clinic!
Place this calendar under the Christmas tree of many of your friends; you will be helping save the lives in the Maasai savanna.
We would like to wish you a very Happy Holiday season, and a very fulfilling New Year!
The Kanzi Kali Girls, and all their faithful male subjects!
Kanzi Kali boss Antonella, with Marialaura, Speranza, Gloria, Katie, Sarah, Lena, Lucrezia, Paola, Kirai,
and the kali watoto, Jacopo & Lorenzo