The Little and the Large

This morning we went on an early morning game drive with our guests through the Kuku Group Ranch plains, over marvellous lava flows, up in the Chyulu Hills, and around the lake. The weather raipdly changed by the minute before our eyes – witnessing the sun rise over the hills, watching the thick fog roll in and cover the plains like a blanket, to the skies opening allowing for fluffy white clouds and crystal clear blue to be seen as a back drop to the Chyulus.
The famous Mapembe walks across the ridge by his lonesome
The viewing of wildlife was fantastic! Experiencing the big and the small of Kuku Group Ranch – various species of small and large birds, different species of antelope both big and small, tiny but intriguing dung beetles, and the biggest of them all – the large male elephant with extraordinary tusks – Mapembe!
Trailing this small ridge calmly and silently as we view from afar
A beautiful Gerenuk
What will it take to get the perfect shot of the tiny dung beetle?
And the shot is perfect! Demonstrating teamwork on a “little” scale