Teacher? Come and join us for 6 months

Kanzi Academy is looking for a teacher, from November 2010 till May 2011

A call for help.
Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust runs at Campi ya Kanzi a private school, Kanzi Academy.
The best 4 boys and best 4 girls from the Maasai community attend, together with our daughter Lucrezia.
Each kid has his/her own laptop, with internet connection. Results are brilliant.
We have a Kenyan teacher and (had) a British one, Liz.
Liz mom has been diagnosed with a serious illness. Liz is leaving in two weeks.
We need to find a substitute.
On November 1st we start 4th grade.
We are looking for a retired teacher to come and teach from November to May.
We are offering $1,000 per month, plus room and board.
In February she/he will be invited to join a school ski trip of one week to Italy, fully paid for.
If you have know any retired teacher willing to join us, please tell her/him to contact Antonella.
Many thanks,