Safari Among Elephants

Safari among the Elephants

For a truly unforgettable experience, book an overnight excursion to Ithumba Camp in Tsavo East National Park, where the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust raises orphaned elephants and reintroduces them to the wild.

We will fly to Ithumba in the morning, arriving just in time for the daily mud bath and be among the elephants. You can watch the keepers feed milk to the elephants and then watch them splash in the water. (The elephant orphans cool themselves off during this time, splashing water onto themselves and their herd. This can be a special time as well, as older elephants that were previously rehabilitated on occasion show up to drink from the waterhole and greet the orphans. In the late afternoon, we will meet the young elephants again as they retire to their shelters.


We will spend the night at Ithumba Camp. The camp offers a wonderful and exclusive property to foster parents of the orphaned elephants. There is a pool, wifi and plenty of beautiful lookout porches to enjoy the view. The next morning at 5:30 am, you will be awoken with tea or coffee in your tent. Then we will drive to the stockades for the morning feeding. The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust keeps the orphaned elephants safely in their stockade in the evenings and release them very early in the morning so they can go about and roam freely within the conservancy after their morning feeding. It often happens that orphans who have graduated from Ithumba will return to visit as adults, thus allowing for close interaction with wild elephants.

After lunch, we will fly back to Campi ya Kanzi, passing over the Tiva river and the wilderness of Tsavo. This is where Beryl Markham once flew when helping Bror Blixen on his hunting safaris. A land teeming with immense biodiversity and vegetation.

Look no further when booking your dream Kenya Elephant Safari Holiday than with the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Ithumba Safar Camp through Campi ya Kanzi!

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