Responsible Tourism

Saturday was a special day. One which we will remembered.
320 people gathered together. They had one thing in common: they all earn a salary from conservation.
They are the 70 employees of Campi ya Kanzi and the 250 ones of Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

101 community rangers, and the Trustees

MWCT and Campi ya Kanzi teams!

Antonella and I came the first time to Kuku Group Ranch in October 1995. nearly 20 years ago… time flies…

We would have never dreamt, even in the wildest fantasy, that one day more than 300 people would have been engaged in the responsible tourism we were so keen to implement.

We are very grateful to all who have made this possible. The Maasai who accepted us as their partners and built with us the lodge, the agents and guests who chose to make it part of their safari, the supporters of the Trust.
The 320 people who work with us, to create a better future for their land and their kids.
And to all who are coming here to enjoy what we have created.

We have gone a long way and we intend to walk this path not only for years to come, but for generations to come!

Sarijore Parashina and Lucrezia Namunyak Belpietro