New Camera Trap Pictures – 10/13

We apologize for the delay in posting some of our latest camera trap photos here at Campi ya Kanzi! However, there has still been plenty of activity that we would love to share with you! The animals have been steady and active at our watering hole for the past couple of months!

Zebra getting up – close and personal with our camera!

The watering hole here at Campi ya Kanzi allows for the animals to take advantage of our steady supple of clean and tasty water! Our steady supply means that our guests have wonderful views of animal activity all throughout the day (and our nighttime nocturnal creatures as well)!

A large buffalo all alone at the watering hole
Taking flight!
We have shared just a few of our very best photos with you here, but don’t forget that you can always check out our Facebook album for more of our monthly camera trap photos!


A male lion dominates the watering hole late at night on October 16