New Camera Trap Photos – 28/3/2013

Perfect framing here, and an example of the wide variety of wildlife at Campi ya Kanzi!

March has continued the hot, dry season at Campi ya Kanzi, which means lots of animals at the water hole!  Recently we’ve had some amazing sightings of lions, leopards, antelope, buffalo, giraffe, and much more.  Come see the magic for yourself and Live Your Dream Safari at Campi ya Kanzi!

A pride of lions relaxes by the Kanzi water hole at night.

Prides of lions have been stopping by nearly every night, and we’ve seen some great shots of buffalo, jackals, and other nocturnal animals captured in the dawn and dusk daylight hours.  We even saw a leopard one night earlier this month; they rarely come to drink so it was quite the sight.  See more photos at the link to our newest Facebook album below:


A big male buffalo lumbers by in the morning.