New Camera Trap Photos – 27/1/2013

A leaping giraffe captured mid-jump – what a picture!

January continues to amaze at Campi ya Kanzi with beautiful weather, all manner of animals, and spectacular nature wherever you turn.  This month the lions have been coming to our water hole almost every night; sometimes we even get cute cubs like in the picture below!

A family of lions (cubs included!) comes by for a visit and a drink.

Between the gorgeous savanna and the lush cloud forests of the Chyulu Hills, Campi ya Kanzi is truly the destination for your ultimate safari.  But if you can’t make a reservation quite yet, then check out our newest batch of camera trap photos from the second half of January in our Facebook album.  We hope to see you soon!

This group of warthogs stopped by for a drink and a dip in the pond.