New Camera Trap Photos – 19/1/2013

Herds of impala are very frequent visitors to the Kanzi waterhole.

January has come to Campi ya Kanzi, and that means continued lush, green vegetation from the rains of November and December.  We enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and were blessed to be joined by many guests, but January and February are just as good of a time to visit as December!

A majestic male lion gazes at something in the distance.

The lions were frequent nighttime visitors to the water hole in the past two weeks, and we even caught a glimpse of a beautiful young cheetah during the daytime hours.  Check out these beautiful photos and many more in our new Facebook album with the best pictures of January so far.  And come experience the magic of a safari at Campi ya Kanzi yourself!

We caught just a glimpse of a beautiful serval during the daytime!