New Camera Trap Photos – 18/8/2013

A hartebeest poses perfectly for a picture with impala in the background.

The rains have come to Campi ya Kanzi, and the result is a stunning carpet of green grass and blooming honey acacias all around!  It also means slightly fewer animals at the water hole, but they are still plentiful and the pictures are still great.  We’ve had lions, hartebeest, impala, warthogs, secretary birds, baboons, all kinds of birds, and much more visit recently.

A lone lion passes by on a dark and stormy night.

If you want to experience the magic of Campi ya Kanzi for yourself, make a booking today!  From the giraffe and lions during the day to the buffalo and foxes of the night, you’ll be sure to Live Your Dream Safari.  See the link below to our newest Facebook album of camera trap photos from the water hole — enjoy!

An impala stares inquisitively at the camera trap.  Hello there!