New Camera Trap Photos – 17/05/2013

Great shot of a male impala directly in front of the camera.

The rains are mostly finished here at Campi ya Kanzi, but the grass remains as green and beautiful as ever!  Perfect time of year for a safari, with great temperatures too.  The camera trap has seen some great activity over the past two weeks, with rare visits from some amazing animals including servals, lions, jackals, secretary birds, and more.

Visit by a whole family of buffalo in the middle of the night.

And of course plenty of visit from the “regulars”, as well!  We’ve had daily visits from buffalo, striped and spotted hyenas, herds of impala and giraffe, warthogs, hartebeest, and much more.  Like what you see here?   Check out more camera trap photos at our newest Facebook album and book your safari today!


Big herd of impala stopping by for a drink.