New Camera Trap Photos – 16/3/2013

Over the past two months we’ve seen some amazing sights at the Campi ya Kanzi water hole, and over the next weeks we’ll post some more of the best ones.  But for now, enjoy these beauties from the final week of January!  As the dry season of February approached more animals began returning to quench their thirst on a nightly basis, and we saw some rare and truly spectacular animals.
A pair of lions makes a rare evening daytime visit to the water hole.
Lions visited during the sunlit evening hours several times, both male and female.  Jackals and buffalo were also present outside their typical nocturnal hours, appearing in both late evening and early morning shortly after sunrise.  The above caracal was an especially unusual treat — just look at the muscles in its long, lean body!
An extremely rare sighting of a caracal, a medium-sized African cat!

To see more of these photos and the rest of the January photos, use the link below to see our whole January 2013 Camera Trap album on Facebook.  Or even better, come visit Campi ya Kanzi and see these animals for yourself.  But until your next safari, enjoy!

A huge buffalo wanders away in the early morning mists.