New Camera Trap Photos – 07/08/2013

A male impala wanders by, looking for grass for his females to feed on.

More camera trap photos from the Campi ya Kanzi water hole!  As we move into the second half of June you can see the grass has really dried out; these are the hot dry days that send animals to our water hole by the hundreds.  Every day we get visits from herds of impala and zebra, and every night from buffalo, hyena, and jackal — and sometimes lions!

A beautiful, rare shot of a daytime visit from a spotted hyena.

All of which result, of course, in amazing views for our guests as they relax on the outdoor verandas of their luxury tented cottages.  Book your safari at Kanzi today to experience the animals (and the magic of Africa) for yourself!  You can check out more photos in our newest Facebook photo album here:


A big warthog shows off his tusks in front of the camera trap.