New Camera Trap Photos – 04/06/2013

Super close shot of an impala enjoying a mid-afternoon snack!

The camera trap photos from the second half of May continued to delight, holding some amazing surprises for our guests here at Campi ya Kanzi.  The rains have passed and the weather is once again beautiful — but for the next month the savanna is still green and beautiful!  Come take advantage and book the safari of a lifetime.

Great colors in this evening shot of a pair of Maasai giraffes.

The past two weeks have seen a great uptick in the variety of animals visiting; we’ve had lions, servals, buffalo, giraffe, impala, hartebeest, jackals, honey badger, striped and spotted hyenas, hares, warthogs, and birds of all color and feather, to name but a few.  What would you like to see on your dream safari?

Check out the rest of the May camera trap photos at this link to our Facebook album:


An extremely rare daytime sighting of the beautiful serval cat.