New Camera Trap Photos – 02/14

It has been a quiet month at the Campi ya Kanzi water hole- but that doesn’t mean we haven’t had our fair share of beautiful and exciting visitors to our camera trap at the Campi ya Kanzi water hole! Check out some of these great photos captured by day and night!

Giraffes enjoying a drink just before the sun sets!

Collared lion, Namunyak, and fellow female lions stop by for  drink

A male buffalo is very curious of the camera!

Some unexpected rains this month has caused much of the wildlife to spread to other areas, with abundance of water available in locations other than our water hole. But as we see this month come to a close, we see the wildlife moving back towards came, as the rains have stopped!

A rare, but beautiful, shot of a spotted hyena in the daytime

A giraffe makes a splash as he comes up after taking a drink!
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