New Camera Trap Photos – 02/08/2013

A group of buffalos captured in prefect pre-dawn light.
As the rains of April and May passed away, the animals returned to our waterhole in the heart of Campi ya Kanzi to take advantage of our steady supply of clean, delicious water. This means more lovely views for us and our guests throughout both day and night!
A male impala comes in for a close-up!
In June we saw a wide range of animals, including some very rare sightings. We saw large herds of zebra, giraffe, and impala, large birds such as kori bustards and secretary birds, cats ranging from small servals to majestic lions, and many, many more. Some of the most beautiful sightings can be seen in the very early morning — so when you come visit us, be sure to get to bed early so you can be up to see the animals!
A pair of spotted hyenas stare each other down by the water hole.
We’ve just posted some of the best camera trap photos from the first half of June — stay tuned for more coming soon!  You can find the whole album at our Facebook page linked here:
A lone buffalo makes a rare mid-afternoon visit for a drink.