New Camera Trap Photos – 02/05/2013

Male lions visit the Kanzi water hole at night.

The rains have continued here at Campi ya Kanzi, but that hasn’t stopped a large number of amazing wildlife from visiting our waterhole.  Though they might not be drinking as much as in the dry season, it’s still a great place for a cool bath and thanks to its luscious grass, a great place for an impala meal.  Over the past two weeks we were visited by large numbers of both impala and warthogs, as well as healthy numbers of hartebeest and giraffe.

Impalas are frequent visitors during the green rainy season.

Perhaps more exciting, though, were our special nighttime visitors!  Last week a group of three male lions came for a drink, and on two separate nights the camera captured the rare and beautiful serval cat, shown below.  See these pictures and many more in the new photos added to our Facebook album linked below, and come visit for your own magical safari soon!


A spotted serval cat departs after quenching its thirst at the water hole.