Makgadikgadi and Jack’s camp

May 13 and

sunrise we were up in the air again, flying toward Windhoek. We cleared custom,
refueled and flew to Maun, Botswana. A pleasant flight of just below 3 hours.
We cleared custom, refueled and set course to the edge of the Kalahari, where
the Makgadikgadi pan is. During our flight to Jack’s Camp we were very lucky to
get the tail of the zebra migration, seeing thousands of zebra moving toward
the North West, in search of greener pastures. And we saw elephants, and
giraffes, and oryx, and even many secretary birds. Flying over Africa is simply

We arrived
at magnificent Jack’s camp. It was like coming home, especially for Luca,
raised by his father during the hunting days. A different time, a different way
to pursue conservation, but here it lives frozen in time, like a sumptuous

Sundowner in the pan with a full moon:
morning spent with the meerkats and hugging one of the biggest baobab of
learning to track with the Koi San, the legendary bushmen. This safari gets
better and better everyday…