Lion with bad manners

It’s a normal morning. Starlings are chatting outside. I am unusually late getting out of bed. Just some minutes past 7:00.
And then I hear him.
It is a sound that you feel inside, more than hearing. It reverberates in you. Is it an ancestral memory of my African hunter gatherer genes? Not sure. But the grunting has a wave length which you feel in your stomach.
I get quickly out of bed. Heartbeats are higher… I think my instincts knows he is near. And then… I see him. A huge black maned lion is just outside my house. We are 5 meters apart and more than us watching in each other eyes through the glass window, I think it is him penetrating me.
I feel extremely vulnerable. He starts walking away, so I get out and follow him on foot. We are less than 20 mt. apart. He ignores me, but, oddly, he does not go away. He circles the house…
Strange, I think…
I let him go around and I re-enter the house from the opposite side where he is.
I go in and I see him immediately, under the porch. He looks again in my eyes and he moves away, doing a new circle. Again. I go on the other side and I see him laying in front of a window door. I go nearer and I look at him. Now I have annoyed him!.
A deep roaring and a simple one pace mock charge convince me to retreat upstairs.
See it yourself:

We look at each other again and after a moment he nonchalantly walks away.
I go out and follow him, pretending he is not the boss. He keeps walking away, slowly and unmoved by my following.
I even shout a pathetic “toka” (move away), and he does not even look at me, he simply walks up to the hills.
Very rudely he did not even brought tea to me. A very badly mannered lion.