Good morning with Kili

The rains are not far! This morning the air was crisp, Kili has a touch of snow on its slope. We can see, with excitement the signs of early rains, so much needed after a very challenging drought.
This year forecasts are for a mild El Nino. It would be great if we will have abundant rains. During last El Nino we had some of our best safaris. The wetlands were all lush, with hundred of birds, some species not seen before. Elephants were covering the plains near the lake: one afternoon we were in a herd of 122! Unforgettable.
We think the rainy season in the Chyulu is one of the best time to come. It normally rains at night, and in the day you have views of Kili even nicer than the one shown above.
In a welcoming gesture for the rains we are announcing a 20% discount on any booking happening from now till December 31st.
Contact Luca at should you be interest in coming on safari.