Fly Camping – Sleeping under the Stars

In the early days of safari’s, a hunter looking for game wanted to be able to move lightly and quickly from camp to camp. Based at a main camp, he would put up a fly camp in remote areas looking for wildlife. “Fly” is the name of the top sheet of the tent. Hunters would take this sheet, and just sleep underneath it; hence the name fly camp.


We are very happy to offer this unique camping experience to our guests. Depending on the season, and the movement of the wildlife, we set up a simple camp either on the banks of a river at the foothills of Kilimanjaro, or in the plains near a lake. These were the locations where Ernest Hemingway camped; having the opportunity to immerse yourself in the same environments that inspired him so greatly.


Pristine wilderness and serenity at its’ finest. You will dine under the stars, walk along the river in the morning, hear the wildlife walk past your tent, while falling asleep to the sound of barking zebras, and maybe even elephant footsteps.


Book your safari to Campi ya Kanzi today! Extend your safari to make time for this incredible experience.


Stunning photos courtesy of Guide Stefano!