Epic Air Safari: Mahale to Malawi

10th May

We leave camp just before sunrise looking at a bright Scorpio in the starry sky.  We fly over the lush Mahale National Park thinking about the hundreds of chimps living there (estimated at over 700).

In about two hours, we reach Songwe, our exit point from Tanzania.  We refuel and fly to Mzuzu, our entry point into Malawi.  We love this little international airport….  Look at the departures terminal to understand why!

After our passports are stamped, we are up again in the sky, just for twenty minutes over Lake Malawi, and then we land on Likoma Island.  Likoma is short for Silikoma or “Sweet Land.”  The perfect name for a serene place which we have been longing for all year.  We have missed Kaya Mawa, which was our first stop on last year’s air safari.  This charming lodge is nestled on the lake shore and is simply the paradise of relaxation.




11th May

Some of us are indulging in massages, while others are Laser sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, and visiting the local village.

I am writing this from my beautiful room overlooking the lake, whose view I am pleased to share with you!