Epic Air Safari: Campi ya Kanzi to Serengeti

First 372 nautical miles down, only 6,385 to go… 6th May We left Campi ya Kanzi at sunrise with a beautiful Kilimanjaro covered in fresh snow glowing in the pink color of dawn.  A full moon was setting — a view hard to forget. The low flying over the plains was amazing, and “our” wildlife […]

The Great Adventure Began

Anne Marie, Louis, Claire, Robert, Bill, Sheri, Rebecca, Pierre: They are all here at Campi ya Kanzi.  They were welcomed by an amazing full moon last night.  Just look at how Kili appeared in the moonlight: Three days at Campi ya Kanzi marked the beginning of our air adventure.  Wildlife highlight: a nice leopard last […]

Brushing Up on our Bush Smarts

Do you know how to distinguish leopard tracks from hyena tracks?  Or how to identify the Hytigynia uhligii tree?  (Do you even know how to pronounce that??)  Well, our guides do!  Last week, our guides and trackers spent six days intensively reviewing their knowledge of nature and renewing their passion for guiding.  Campi ya Kanzi […]

The safety (and immense pleasure) of being on safari in Kenya

3rd April 2015.  Jacopo’s birthday.  Today he is 8 years old.  His Maasai name is Leshan, the one who brings the rains.  And today it rained, which is always magical in Africa.  Here is what my eyes were seeing just a few minutes ago. But no celebrations.  Only compassion. That is the only word which […]

Kenya: Over and Above – A New Ten-Day Air Safari!

Soar over the African savannah on a ten-day air safari hosted by three of the finest boutique lodges in Kenya: Saruni Samburu, Saruni Mara, and Campi ya Kanzi.  Enjoy abundant wildlife, diverse landscapes, and cultural connections on an unforgettable adventure through the Kalama Conservancy, the Maasai Mara, and the rolling Chyulu Hills.  Add an extension […]

Ithumba: A Safe Haven for Elephants

For elephant lovers, it is hard to imagine a paradise more perfect than Ithumba Camp in Tsavo East National Park.  Owned and managed by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the camp operates a reintroduction program for orphaned elephants.  Guests at Ithumba have the extraordinary opportunity to interact with young elephants who trust humans but are […]

Fly Camping: The Luxury of Simplicity

Step back in time to the elegantly simple safaris of Ernest Hemingway and Denys Finch Hatton.  Back in the 1930s, before in-flight movies and infinity pools, explorers enjoyed a different kind of luxury: the serene splendor of unspoiled wilderness.  Fly camping at Campi ya Kanzi is a tribute to a bygone era, a blend of […]

Introducing… the Volunteer Safari!

Would you like to effect positive change as you travel?  Why not volunteer on vacation?  Campi ya Kanzi and the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust are thrilled to introduce the new volunteer safari!  Guests are invited to volunteer with MWCT for three weeks while also enjoying a discounted stay at Campi ya Kanzi.  These guests will […]

Holiday Cheer at Campi ya Kanzi

The holiday season at Campi ya Kanzi has been festive and fun as we celebrate Christmas on the savannah.  Instead of a white Christmas, we relish a green Christmas, where the verdant Chyulu Hills set the backdrop for a solar-powered, eco-friendly holiday.  Tembo House is decked with sparkling lights and fragrant wreaths of lavender, rosemary, […]

Yoga Safari

Are you longing to relax and to reconnect with nature?  Why not strike a yoga pose in the the African savannah?  Take some inspiration from the animals that surround you.  Find the straight and tall posture of a giraffe, the impeccable balance of a marabou stork, the weightlessness of a soaring snake eagle, and the […]