A Chyulu Monday morning…

Misty morning, low clouds, I have to fly to my “neighbor”, Richard Bonham, a 3 hours drive or 10 minutes flight away… Hornbills are up, the Guinea fowls are quite noisy already, even if it is not even 7 am… Richard and I have a meeting to talk about how to better deliver our conservation […]

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  Kili at night by Tunc Tezel This is no ordinary nursery rhyme but it kind of reminds me of it. I was catching up with a friend sometime back on Skype and one of the things he was telling me about was how he loved the view of the stars from Africa. He was […]

Trunk in Love

It was early in the morning when we took off from our airstrip and headed to Ithumba where the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) sits. There were four of us on board all eagerly excited to reach our destination. It was a short flight from Campi ya Kanzi, but I could not contain my excitement […]

We are back! Tsavo kids trip!

A family trip to Tsavo, 40 years later… December 1975… Me, my brother, my dad and my mom on my first safari! I am 11 and super excited. While driving from Tsavo to Amboseli I can’t help but staying up the roof of our car, with my dad constantly telling me… “get down…” We come […]

Cecil the Lion: Hatred and Hunting

Last month in Zimbabwe, a collared lion named Cecil was baited out of a National Park, wounded by bow and arrow, tracked for 40 hours, and eventually shot with a rifle.  The carcass was ultimately found – beheaded and skinned – from the signal of the satellite collar left behind.  A  miserable end for a […]

Epic Air Safari: Final Reflections

What was I thinking?  Nearly 7,000 miles in just over a month…  Why do I love challenges so much? I cannot even recall how I conceived of this incredible air safari.  Perhaps when I started exploring the north of Kenya by air and flew to the Chalbi Desert, Lake Turkana, and the estuary of the […]

Epic Air Safari: Zanzibar to Campi ya Kanzi

4th June Today we fly from Tanzania to Kenya, the last 261 miles out of 6,800 over 34 days.  We take a boat to Matemwe Beach and then drive to the airport.  Time to fly home.  It feels a bit strange… these 34 days have really flown by.  The flight from Zanzibar to Mombasa is […]

Epic Air Safari: Ruaha to Zanzibar

This is our exoerience of a Epic Air Safari: 2nd June Today we will fly 271 miles from Ruaha to Zanzibar. We have flown 6,268 miles so far, and we are nearing the end of our journey. We leave the beautiful Ruaha National Park with a great game drive among elephants, kudus, and a hyena. […]

Epic Air Safari: Vamizi Island to Ruaha

31st May Today we leave Vamizi Island in Mozambique and head to Ruaha National Park in Tanzania.  A long 627 miles, with 532 miles left before home.  The first part of this long day is over the blue water of the Mozambique coast: lovely!  We enter Tanzania at Mtwara Airport and fly for a bit […]

Epic Air Safari: Liwonde to Vamizi Island

28th May Today we will fly 532 miles from Malawi to Mozambique.  We have flown 5,109 miles since leaving Campi ya Kanzi and have 1,691 miles still to go.  The flight back to Chileka is spectacular again with Monet sunlight beams coming in from the dawn clouds and shining over granitic hills.  We have a […]