Consciousness and Conservation

Campi ya Kanzi, in partnership with Modo Yoga NYC + Moksha Montreal would like to officially announce…
If you are searching for the African safari of your dreams while deepening your yoga practice and making a difference for the local community, THIS is the Yoga Safari for you!
Over the last year, Modo Yoga NYC and Moksha Montreal have been actively engaged in supporting the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust. The decision has been made to offer a yoga safari to further connect the yoga communities of Modo and Moksha, to the work of MWCT – integrating yoga, consciousness, and conservation into a yoga experience like no other.
You will be hosted at a beautiful home in the bush. Luca and Antonella, the founders, and the Maasai (who are the landlords of this paradise) will be your hosts. All activities will be tailor made, from classic game drives in many different habitats, to lovely game walks with a Maasai guide and tracker.
All mornings of the yoga safari will start with an optional silent meditation. Daily morning and evening yoga classes will be led by Modo Yoga NYC and Moksha Yoga Montreal co-founders Becca Foon, Guillaume Brun, and Dina Tsouluhas. Together they will be teaching a range of classes including Modo (a dynamic system of postures intended to open, strengthen, and detoxify the entire body), Modo Flow (rooted in the Modo sequence linked together with vinyassa flows), Yang/Yin (a challenging Modo flow style followed by an extended floor series to fully relax your body), and Yin (poses are held for 3-5 minutes, stretching deep muscle tissue and fascia).
During this week we will focus on methods to help us sustain our practice while deepening our intentions. Through yoga we will be connecting to different ways of exploring ourselves and seeing the world around us, while cultivating a dialogue around yoga, consciousness, and sustainable development.
For a full 7-day itinerary, please see contact details below
Yoga + Safari Guides
Becca is a Modo Yoga certified teacher, a Yin certified teacher, and has been practicing yoga for the past fifteen years. Becca is a green building and sustainability consultant and an avid environmentalist dedicated to integrating holistic sustainability principles, and her diverse training into her yoga teaching and practice.
Dina is an avid student and teacher who lists “learning” as one of her favourite things to do. With an unwavering passion and innate curiousity of the human body, Dina is a dedicated student in her final year of Osteopathy and an adored teacher of Basic Anatomy at the Moksha Yoga Level 1 Training.


Guillaume is a Modo Yoga certified teacher, a Yin certified teacher, and completed a teacher training in the lyengar tradition with Hart Lazer in Montreal. His journey into yoga started in 2007. At first, his practice focused on physical benefits, but it quickly allowed him to take a deeper look at his life.


Samson is a Maasai warrior, son of a local chief and a respected safari guide. Parashina started as a waiter at Campi  ya Kanzi, but swiftly rose to become the President of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust (MWCT). He also acts as President, and safari guide at Campi ya Kanzi. Parashina is an avid reader and taught himself animal behavior, biology, botany, and ornithology. His acquired knowledge allowed him to pass the Silver Level exam of the Kenya Professional Guide Association in 2006. In 2012, Samson was honored by the UN with a Champion of the Earth award. Samson will greet you upon arrival in Nairobi and travel with you for your duration in Kenya.
Trip Pricing: 
For any further information regarding the yoga safari, detailed information on itinerary, payment details, etc. Please use the following contacts:
Nairobi Office: +254 0 (20) 6005450, mobile +254 (0)720 461300
Campi ya Kanzi: +254 (0) 45 622 516
Modo Yoga NYC: 212 780 9642