Beauty in All Forms at Campi Ya Kanzi

The sun sets over Mount Kilimanjaro on a beautiful, clear evening.

The animals you’ll see in a stay at Campi ya Kanzi rightly get most of the attention, but don’t forget some of the other incredible natural beauty you’ll see.  On any given day you’ll see kilometre upon kilometre of flowing savanna, the lush green beauty of the Chyulu Hills, and a sunset over gorgeous Mount Kilimanjaro, just across the border in Tanzania – you can even take a scenic flight for a closer look!

Relaxing on the porch of Tembo House with an incredible view.
You’ll see beauty while you’re out on a safari drive or hike, but also when relaxing at Tembo House waiting for a meal or just on deck of your own tent.  The cloud formations change rapidly and mysteriously, and the weather can change at a moment’s notice – leading to amazing sites like the rainbow shown below.  Book your trip to Campi ya Kanzi today so you don’t miss a bit more of this amazing scenery and beauty in all parts of life!
A mid-afternoon shower is shortly followed by a stunning rainbow.