Adventures in the Chyulus

Our experienced Maasai guides will take you on amazing hikes through the hills.

Many safari camps can offer you a drive through the savanna; it’s certainly beautiful but far from unique.  Only at Campi ya Kanzi can you combine the amazing animals of the savanna with the lush, green beauty of Hemingway’s famous Green Hills of Africa.  Nestled directly next to the Chyulu Hills, we offer guests several hikes through the rolling hills and aptly-named cloud forests of the hills, providing an experience completely different than a game drive through the plains below.

The towering trees of the cloud forest are hundreds of years old – those are full-grown adults in the bottom of the picture!
You’ll see monkeys, buffalo, elands, hartebeest, and all manner of other animals.  You’ll breath the fresh, clean air of the beautiful forest, and soak in the amazing biodiversity of the woods teeming with plant and animal life.  You can enjoy a picnic at the top of the hills, then take a leisurely stroll back down toward the plains.  All in all, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss, and yet another reason to book your reservation to Campi ya Kanzi today.  We look forward to helping you Live Your Dream Safari!
You’ll see for miles and miles to either side, from majestic Mount Kilimanjaro in the west to the Yatta Plateau in the east.