A Visit from Le Rosey – 05/2013

The Le Rosey students hike toward the Chyulu Hills under beautiful cloud formations.

At the beginning of the month Campi ya Kanzi was privileged to host a group of guests from Institut Le Rosey, a renowned private secondary school in Switzerland. These students were selected to come to Kenya on an honor trip, which the school has partnered with Campi ya Kanzi to offer for the last few years. Although we often host guests from around the globe, it was still unusual for us to host citizens of 10 different nations in a single party!

The students ready to head out on a safari drive in Kuku Group Ranch.

Over the course of their week at Campi ya Kanzi the students partook in a wide variety of activities: hiking in the Chyulus, numerous game drives across our safari areas, a dinner in a stunning volcanic cave, and much more. They were also exposed to the work of the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust, spending a morning at the Trust learning about MWCT’s programs in Conservation, Education, and Health and meeting with the secondary school students MWCT is sponsoring on scholarship.

The Maasai celebration they witnessed was truly amazing.

Near the end of their visit the students were able to attend a truly special event, a Maasai celebration and ceremony that takes place only once every 15 years. After experiencing warriors’ singing and dancing they visited a local boma (collection of households) where they were able to meet with local Maasai and interact with the Maasai children shown below. Even at a school that prides itself on its international flavor a trip to Africa is a unique treat, and we were happy to show the students our amazing little corner of Kenya.

Students interacting with local children in Iltilal village.